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Transfero has just launched its new platform for buying and selling cryptoassets, Transfero Crypto. Aimed at beginners, it offers a simple, agile, and secure experience, easing access to the market. For a limited time, users who complete the registration will receive 100 BRZ (equivalent to R$ 100) to start their transactions. “The idea is to democratize access to digital assets. The creation of the platform will be the gateway for those who want to invest but still don’t know where to start,”, explained Thiago Cesar, co-founder, and CEO of Transfero.

On Transfero Crypto, users will be able to buy bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), USDCoin (USDC), USD Tether (USDT), in addition to BRZ, the cryptocurrency pegged to real that is an essential tool for Brazilians to access the international market. 

The new service is part of the company’s rebranding process, which reinforces technology and new solutions so that users have complete control over their money. To learn how to open your account and start your operations, check out our walkthrough.

The new platform will be a gateway for new investors

According to Cesar, blockchain technology and cryptoassets are revolutionizing the financial market. “The market can be seen as complex for those who have never had contact with it, which ends up being a barrier for those who want to take the first step in investments but have difficulty dealing with different transaction mechanisms. For this reason, Transfero has created a simple system, including three main functions for those who are starting out: deposit, conversion, and withdrawal”, he explained. In addition, no fees will be charged for banking transactions and cryptoasset trading. 

The initiative to attend retail came after more than five years of experience in the B2B digital assets market. With the new solution, the expectation is that, in the coming months, Transfero will scale its platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies throughout Latin America. Today, the company is already present in Argentina and Chile, in addition to Brazil; the move is aligned with the expansion of its business in the region.