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Red Bull held on May 17 the first edition of the Red Bull Pool Clash, competition in a wave pool, held at Praia da Grama in Itupeva (SP). The closed event was mainly sponsored by Transfero.

Former professional surfer Marcelo Trekinho was Transfero’s ambassador at the event, bridging the gap between the participating athletes and the public and presenting the company as a reference in blockchain and crypto assets. 

In addition to the event’s regular crypto assets (BRZ) awards, Transfero also offered a special award, called Best Trick By Transfero, with 2,000 BRZs. 

“Sponsorship of sporting events is a trend for crypto companies, given the adherence of audiences in these markets. So we thought it would be a great opportunity to have our brand associated with a Red Bull event, one of the biggest sports promoters in the world”, says Alexandre Nolde, Head of Corporate Communications at Transfero.

 Check out the official championship results and the winners of the Best Trick by Transfero

The winners in each category received 8 thousand BRZs (1st place), 5 thousand BRZs (2nd place), and 3 thousand BRZs (3rd place). The 40 athletes who participated in the competition, divided into male and female categories, faced two free heats and were judged on performance, technique, and other attributes. 

Champions Award: Julia Souza and Marcos Corrêa (source: Sebastian Rojas)

 “This championship format was totally different from what I have been competing in the QS and the Brazilian, in addition to surfing in the pool, where the wave is the same for everyone. It was completely unprecedented and awesome. In this wave, you can release your surfing, do your best, and it was great!”, commented the winner of the men’s category, Marcos Corrêa.

For Julia Santos, who won first place among the women, the event was “amazing”, giving a different feeling. “This wave is incredible; all the girls surf very well. The maneuvers I decided to do were more in the wave’s pocket, but always doing edge maneuvers, not bottom maneuvers”, she said.

Check who were the athletes who won the award: 


1º: Marcos Aurelio Corrêa Amaro

2: Franklin Serpa

3º: Krystian Kymerson de Souza Carvalho

Best Trick: Marcos Aurelio Corrêa Amaro


1º: Julia Santos

2: Kemily Sampaio

3º: Luara Mandelli

Best Trick: Julia Santos

Sports stars also supported the event

To celebrate surfing, the Red Bull Pool Clash brought to Praia da Grama the big riders Carlos Burle and Pedro Scooby and skimboarder Lucas Fink. It also brought together Olympic athletes passionate about the sport, such as sprinter Paulo André, and skaters Leticia Bufoni, Pedro Barros, and Sandro Dias (Mineirinho). In addition, presenter and model Isabella Fiorentino, climber Felipe Camargo and rapper L7nnon also attended . 

Carlos Burle and Adriano de Souza (Credits: Sebastian Rojas)

 “It was quite cool to bring innovation to surfing, putting athletes in these conditions to explore their performance. It was a get-together, and I am thrilled to see that athletes from different modalities, such as skateboarders, could attend the event”, said Mineirinho.

Disney of surfing

“This event is awesome. My surfing was in slow motion initially, but it was fun. Here is fun. It was cool to attend the event; it is the ‘Disney of surfing’. It’s amazing the sport’s evolution, which is growing with different styles”, commented Pedro Scooby, who returned to surfing four months after participating in Big Brother Brazil.

Sports support is a trend in the crypto world

The partnership between Red Bull and Transfero in the Red Bull Pool Clash event is unprecedented in events of this type. Still, other companies in the crypto universe have also adopted strategies to stimulate the most diverse sports. For example, this year’s leading sports event globally, the 2022 World Cup, will be sponsored by, which signed a deal with FIFA in March of this year.

Although in Qatar, which will host the World Cup, crypto transactions are considered illegal, the exchange’s goal is to achieve international visibility. Incidentally, has also closed deals with the Australia Football League, for US$25 million, with Formula 1 (US$100 million) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship – UFC – (US$175 million for ten years).

According to Bloomberg, the UFC will begin paying bonuses to competitors in crypto. According to the news agency, the bitcoin payments will be awarded to the top three fighters in each pay-per-view event, as voted for by fans. The transactions will be done through the platform.

Other sports are also receiving sponsorship from crypto companies, such as a fishing championship in the United States, a chess tournament sponsored by FTX, and in Brazil, tennis competitions held at the courts of the Sociedade Hípica de Campinas, in the countryside of São Paulo, with support from 3xbit.

In addition, many soccer players, including Lionel Messi, have launched exclusive NFTs on different platforms. The Portuguese company Bezel Blockchain Management is launching fan tokens (Extreme Sports Sponsor – ESS) to support some sports. The first will be a digital Fan Token produced for the ‘Pro Skate League’. The ESS ambassador is the Brazilian surfer Pedro Scooby.

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