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Transfero Swiss funds were featured in a report published in InfoMoney. In 2019, Transfero’s most active fund (Advanced) outperformed, returning 190% to the investor with its active management of buying and selling tokens using mathematical models, according to the report. With this, it was the only one that beat Bitcoin itself, which rose 92% last year.

The text also compares Transfero’s funds with other market options and points out that only Transfero’s most conservative funds (Conservative and Counter Cyclical) achieved positive performance. “Even if they are becoming as attractive as Bitcoin itself,  the funds should be used as a form of wallet diversification, leading the investor to keep a low percentage of their total capital in this segment”, InfoMoney says.

The article indicates the company as one of the Brazilian asset managers who structured very different products for those who want to expose themselves in the crypto market, but do not want to buy the assets directly. Additionally, it is mentioned that the company’s funds have good appeal for those who are most cryptocurrency addicted. Besides, the investor has the option to invest and directly quote through Bitcoin, transferring the crypto to the asset manager.

 “We have interesting but unsophisticated competitors”, said Thiago Cesar, co-founder and CEO of Transfero Swiss, to InfoMoney. The asset manager believes that its competitors, due to the choices of strategies, have a lower added value in terms of generating return for the investors.

Transfero Swiss funds replicate wallets strategies

Transfero offers three fund options, with very different strategies compared to its competitors. All of them with a minimum investment of US$ 10, 000.

The first, called Advanced, uses objective and quantitative criteria, with mathematical and statistical models to identify trends when buying and selling cryptocurrencies. In this way, it uses mathematical and statistical models that identify trends to obtain income.

This strategy seeks to identify short- and long-term trends through various indicators and applies statistical tests to validate the chosen strategies. As an end, the statistical tests are controlled to avoid the construction of models biased by the purposeful choice of variables that only fit past models and not future models. In addition, the manager is one of the first to use robots to carry out operations.

Yet the second fund, Counter Cyclical, has a protection strategy, being a passive fund that invests 75% in gold and 25% in Bitcoin, being rebalanced quarterly. According to Cesar, this has been the most sought-after fund by investors in recent months.

Finally, Transfero Swiss also has the Conservative fund, which makes physical arbitration of Bitcoins, that is t say, buys and sells the digital currency among several exchanges to gain in the difference in value between them. At the same time, the fund can allocate part of the capital into quantitative strategies. The goal is absolute return in dollars and not in Real.

 “If on the one hand this can be good for those who don’t want to take such a risk, you have to keep in mind that the return can also be reduced compared to the Bitcoin itself”.

Is it worth investing in Transfero Swiss funds?

According to InfoMoney’s analysis, the funds are a good alternative for those who want to expose themselves to the cryptomarket, but are afraid or do not have time to keep up with prices on a daily basis, and leave the decision to someone more experienced in buying and selling management in this market.

In addition, the site points out that the funds can reduce the volatility and risk of the investment in the crypto market. “If on the one hand this can be good for those who do not want to take such a risk, you have to keep in mind that the return can also be reduced compared to the Bitcoin itself”, states InfoMoney.