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Despite still far away from your historic highest value, waves has living a rally since december. With a marketcap of US$ 388.3 millions, the digital asset raised from US$ 0.96 to US$ 4.46 in last december 20. It means a valorization above 340% in a range smaller than one month. Despite the valorization, this cryptocurrency is considered one of the most undervalued in the market. While most of cryptocurrencies has a poor performance this year, the waves have your own behavior. On that way, the market is understand the high prices of waves as a raise in their adoption.

The cryptocurrency waves has your own decentralized exchange (DEX) where the users can set up your own wallet with several assets. Therefore, it’s possible store, buy and sell many assets, beyond the native cryptocurrency. Besides, developers can build applications based on the platform, like the ethereum model. On that way, organizations can create your own tokens in the platform aim your own objectives. The Wave company claims to be the faster blockchain in the market, processing hundreds of transactions per second.

Reasons for the high prices

According  to the, one of the main reasons for the raise of the crypto waves is the mobile wallet. Besides, the wallet is totally prepared to access the fiat gateways. The easy access and easy instantanelly deal in mobile platforms with no need to expose private keys have attracted new users. Therefore, this increases the demand for the cryptocurrency and the prices raises together.

Besides, the new wallet have new resources as the touch and face ID (iOS) and the fingerprint identification (Android). Essentially, builded for the ordinary user, the wallet can be a long-term source for the raise of this cryptocurrency in the future. Even spreading information about the trading and the storage of cryptocurrency, the wallets need to be much more intuitive.