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In the crypto universe, cryptocurrency trading companies play an essential role. Not only do these companies guarantee liquidity for the ecosystem, but they also end up contributing to reducing the spread in operations. Among the leading names in this area are companies such as FTX/Alameda and Bluesky Capital.

Also called market makers, these companies give liquidity to both sides of crypto transactions. That is, for those who are selling and for those who buy. In practice, they act by issuing buy and sell orders. But their role doesn’t end there. This liquidity also contributes to the more efficient and less volatile market, since it favors fairer prices. 

The pricing of any asset considers several factors, but there is a great weight of supply and demand. With greater liquidity, the difference between the highest price requested by sellers and the higher value offered by potential buyers (spread) tends to decrease.

With trading companies, finding seller and buyer gets easier

Without these companies, the task of finding a buyer or seller of that asset for a price that pleases both becomes even more difficult, increasing the time to complete the operation, the costs, and decreasing turnover.

Trading companies operate non-stop. And one of those that stand out among them is Alameda Research, which also owns the FTX platform. In the evaluation of the DeFi Revolution, Alameda stands out because it has in its professional team with decades of experience. Its operation has a global scale, which allows operations on several exchanges. The sophistication of its trading systems enables the spread to be even more “fair”.

Another important name is the quantitative investment manager Bluesky Capital. However, what makes it stand out in the list is its rigorous research methodology, with investment in disruptive technologies. But also its continuous innovation, tailor-made guides for risk management and the supply of liquidity 24 hours a day throughout the week for exchanges with which it has APIs.

Finally, Kairon Labs is also worth mentioning. As the site points out, “they offer market-making to all utility tokens using their proprietary software”. Among its differentials are, for example, the team with great names of crypto trading, an in-depth analysis of order books and projects. In addition, they issue fortnightly reports on various data, such as the volume of operations.