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The Binance exchange recently released a guide on how to buy BRZ on its platform. The document teaches the user how to obtain the stablecoin by trading on the crypto market using MetaMask.

With the price pegged to the Brazilian real, BRZ has gained a complete step-by-step guide that shows how to buy the stablecoin. Although the digital currency is not yet listed on the exchange, the platform explains how Binance customers can perform the operation.

Check out the step-by-step:

Step 1: download the MetaMask digital wallet

Binance uses a purchase simulation using the MetaMask digital wallet in the explanation. The first step is downloading the device, which can be used on a desktop or mobile.

buying brz at binance

Reproduction: MetaMask

Step 2: Setting up the digital wallet

After that, the guide talks about configuring MetaMask to receive the BRZ. In this step, the user must register their data and integrate the platform with their account where the crypto asset balance is stored.

In this case, Binance simulates the purchase of the BRZ using the exchange itself.

buying brz at binance

Reproduction: MetaMask

Step 3: Buying ether

Before buying the stablecoin, the user must follow step three, which guides him through purchasing ether (ETH) from the Ethereum network on the market.

Thus, before purchasing BRZ, the user needs to buy ETH at Binance. This amount will be used to exchange for the stablecoin. The investor can also send the balance in ether to Binance using another address or buy directly on the exchange.

buying brz at binance

Reproduction: Binance

Step 4: Buying BRZ from a DEX

This will allow the user to send ETH to MetaMask, where the balance in BRZ will be stored after the transaction is completed. Once the ether balance is sent, the user must choose a decentralized exchange (DEX) where the purchase transaction will be finalized.

Reproduction: Uniswap

Step 5: Connecting the digital wallet

Reproduction: Uniswap

After choosing the DEX, the user needs to connect his digital wallet to the platform. This integration will allow the balance in ETH to be offered in exchange for BRZs. The Binance customer can find the stablecoin using the digital currency’s own contract address.

Step 6: Completing the purchase of BRZ

Reproduction: MetaMask

After setting up the offer according to the balance in ETH and the number of BRs to receive, the user needs to finalize the transaction on DEX. With the exchange completed, the balance in BRZ can be transferred to a digital wallet compatible with the digital asset.

This step-by-step produced by Binance is another example of how the BRZ is becoming an important tool for the crypto environment. According to data from the IRS, the stablecoin with the price pegged to the Brazilian real is among Brazilians’ ten most traded crypto assets.