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The Internal Revenue Service has released a new balance sheet on the crypto assets moves in Brazil. According to the report, which brings data for October 2022, BRZ is among the most traded tokens in the country in the number of transactions.

The data from the monthly balance sheet of the IRS shows that in just one month, more than 693,000 operations with BRZ were registered in the Brazilian crypto market.

With this number of transactions in the month, the BRZ was considered the third largest crypto asset traded in Brazil in the number of transactions. In total, BRZ transactions moved about R$ 611 million in October, and the average price of each transaction was R$ 822.

Institutional investors increase

In addition to highlighting the BRZ, the Brazilian crypto market showed growth in companies investing in crypto assets. Furthermore, data shows that 41,817 registered legal entities declared investments in digital currencies to the IRS.

This number represents a record of companies investing in the crypto market. In addition, the report brings yet another record related to the number of women who invest in crypto assets. In addition to legal entities, 1.26 million people invested in the crypto market in the month analyzed by the IRS report.

Just like the number of companies, the female presence in the crypto market has broken yet another record, with 21.87% of digital currency transactions being performed by female investors.

More than R$ 12 billion in crypto assets were moved in Brazil in October 2022, representing a small growth compared to September, when R$11.8 billion in digital currencies were moved in the country. In 2021, BRZ alone moved R$ 5.7 billion in trading in the Brazilian crypto market.