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Bitcoin was the best performing asset in the first half of 2020, compared to six other major indices in the Brazilian financial market. In the period, the leading cryptocurrency appreciated 71.91% in Reais, boosted in part by the rise of the dollar in the period.

Like the other assets analyzed, the bitcoin suffered the impacts of the coronavirus crisis during the first half of 2020, especially in March, which brought down markets around the world. But the cryptocurrency has recovered quickly and continues to return significant gains to the consumer in this period.

Another anticyclical asset came in second place in the period. The price of gold rose 59.60% from January to June 2020. Anticyclical assets are historically more sought after in times of crisis. Therefore, gold and bitcoin confirm this aspect.

First half of 2020 was a success for bitcoin

The third most profitable investment of the period was the dollar, gaining 35.91% against the real. As the gold price is international, it was also influenced by the appreciation of the U.S. currency. The same happened with the S&P 500 which had an appreciation in reais of 30.27% in the period. That index measures the top 500 stocks on the Nyse and Nasdaq, two U.S. exchanges.

Investments not linked to the dollar suffered losses during this period. The CDI gained 1.78%, while Ibovespa and Ifix (real estate) showed a decrease of 17.81% and 12.24%.

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