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Have you ever heard of the paleo diet (related to paleolithic)? Basically, it preaches the consumption of food in the most natural form possible, similar to the diet of our ancestors, who were hunters and food collectors. Meat is the main source of energy in this dietary strategy, along with fresh vegetables and lots of fat.

It may sound strange and even radical, but its supporters preach that since the Paleolithic era, the human organism was conditioned to ingest large quantities of fat and game meat, accumulating energy to survive some time without food. Proponents also point out benefits such as weight loss and weight maintenance, reduced binge-eating, and increased mood.

But what does this have to do with cryptocurrencies? According to some prominent people in this market, everything!

Understand how paleo diet and cryptocurrency concepts are similar

In the past, there was neither a monetary system like today’s nor the variety of food available today. In the same way that the food industry floods the supermarkets with (not always so healthy) products, the central banks of many countries issue too much money to guarantee the immediate well-being of the population, without thinking about the future consequences.

And while an intensely meat-based diet is an old one, its return today is seen as an innovation and a way to combat overly processed, health-damaging products. In other words, if we think about the basis of paleo diet thinking and cryptocurrencies, we can see similarities.

This analogy has gained traction with Zooko Wilcox, creator of the bitcoin-based cryptocurrency Zcash, who defines himself as exclusively carnivorous. A few years ago, he even created a blog advocating the benefits of this diet, in partnership with his ex-wife, Amber O’Hearn.

Similarity of concepts between paleo diet and cryptocurrencies

The return to the basic principles of food is also seen as an innovation – in the same way as cryptocurrencies. In thesis, a diet based on meat and fat brings much more health benefits than the consumption of refined grains and flours, bottled beverages, sugar and chemical additives. Just like cryptocurrencies, which in theory solve the most diverse problems of the financial market.

For Ferdous Bhai, who is also one of the advocates of this type of diet, the philosophy and principles behind bitcoin are exactly the same as the feeding of our ancestors. After all, in the past, monetary exchanges took place on the basis of a finite good, which is the gold. Food was also scarce. And that would be, for supporters of meat-based eating, the similarity between the paleo diet and cryptocurrencies.