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Although no one knows exactly what the future of bitcoin will be, the prospect is that new uses for cryptocurrency will emerge and that it will become more and more valued. Even if temporary falls occur, the asset has been gaining strength. It recently surpassed $ 1 trillion in market capitalization and the historic high has already hit $ 58,000.

The recent rise is due to the fact that the currency has become part of large investment funds and is accepted in payment platforms such as PayPal. However, it is difficult to predict the bitcoin’s appreciation in a predetermined period of time. Despite this, the specialized website CoinDesk published a study evaluating possible scenarios for cryptocurrency in 2030.

See optimistic scenarios for the future of bitcoin

CoinDesk’s analysis showed 12 possible trends for the cryptocurrency, among conservative, positive and negative scenarios – and some somewhat improbable, as the last of our optimistic list. Check out the 5 most promising perspectives first!

1. Virtual currency
Bitcoin can evolve into the natural currency of the Internet, being used for online purchases and transactions. This would allow local companies to reach global customers.

2. Offline shopping
Despite the volatility, it is possible that the currency can also be used for physical purchases, through digital payments. This is because, until 2030, the perspective is that the oscillations will be reduced.

3. More economical transactions
Do you want to transfer a large amount (for example, US $ 20 million) or send a very small amount to someone? Bitcoin could be an alternative in the future, with lower operating costs.

4. Expansion of use
Bitcoin could become one of the most used currencies in the world. However, as the cryptocurrency gains prominence in transactions, its capacity and power are reduced.

5. Crypto-transactions via satellite
The biggest aspiring colonist on Mars, Elon Musk, is a bitcoin enthusiast. Founder of SpaceX and CEO of Tesla, he does not rule out the use of virtual currency in satellite transactions, including an alleged possibility of colonization on the red planet.

Understand the 5 negative scenarios

1. Regulatory difficulties
The biggest risk to bitcoin is global regulation. If world leaders come together to create a unified cryptography policy, and everyone agrees to eliminate them, the impact could be devastating.

2. Government restrictions
In this scenario, governments do not reach a total ban, but they prevent people from using exchanges. More specifically, they prevent users from withdrawing their funds. This could lead to the creation of a bitcoin on the black market, with higher value than the traditional currency.

3. Taxation
What if people started to pay taxes on capital gains with bitcoins? Possibly, the currency would not be so interesting for investors. However, in Brazil it is already necessary to declare and pay taxes on bitcoin gains

4. Breaking
Bitcoin has never been hacked and is more reliable than banking institutions. While this is unlikely, your security may be compromised. However, experts consider this scenario unlikely, since as the attacks increase, the technological capacity of the defense also becomes more secure.

5. Creation of another global digital currency
This is a completely hypothetical alternative, but what if the International Monetary Fund (IMF) creates a new global currency? The idea is not new and the IMF has already considered it. However, assuming that each nation needs to agree to limit its monetary printout to 2% per year, that would put an end to bitcoin’s main quality, which is scarcity.

Check out the conservative perspectives
In addition to the optimistic and pessimistic scenarios, the study projects two more stable market possibilities (or whose assessment depends on very specific factors).

1. Bitcoins become “digital gold”
The view is optimistic, but nothing different than what is happening today. This is the simplest research scenario, which maintains the current trajectory of bitcoin. In other words, the trend continues.

2. Uncertainties remain
Depending on the point of view, this perspective can be understood as optimistic or pessimistic. The idea is that only 13% of the population lives under liberal democracies with a stable or reserve monetary system. The remaining 87% must have a currency that works beyond speculation.

Is that you? What is your opinion about the future of bitcoin? If you still think this is a speculative currency, read on and know that investing in cryptocurrencies is much more than speculation!