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Some of the main projects and research laboratories on blockchain security, cryptocurrency and smart contracts are based in Switzerland. In addition, in the last two years alone, more than 20 Swiss startups have been created to support and track the fast evolution of blockchain technology.

Faced with this scenario, local companies have teamed up to create the Swiss Blockchain Security (SBS). The initiative is open to Swiss organizations that have strong interest in the issue of blockchain security. With this, the project aims to unite the strengths of the agents involved in the sector. The expectation is to create new synergies, promoting opportunities and optimizing processes.

Blockchain security in focus in Switzerland

Switzerland has a robust blockchain security ecosystem, which has about 40 main participants. These agents have extensive experience in ensuring some of the most challenging issues of international blockchain projects.

SBS was started by ChainSecurity with broad support from various companies and organizations, such as the Swiss Blockchain Federation and the Crypto Valley Association. On May 8, more than 120 people gathered at ETH Zurich to begin this new initiative.

The meeting aimed to establish the initial guidelines for Swiss Blockchain Security. Thus, an identity was created and the development of a forum that serves as a point of communication between those involved. In addition, a public directory will be developed with information about products and service vendors.

Furthermore, the initiative brought together, during Crypto Valley Week 2019, the leading experts to define best practices in three main blockchain security areas. Initially, the project’s efforts will be mainly focused on topics such as ensuring smart contracts at Ethereum, protection of interface infrastructure with public blockchains and the safe management of digital assets for companies.