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After a warning of a critical vulnerability from ChainSecurity, the Ethereum’s team announced the postponement of hard fork called Constantinople. The decision came after a reunion between important members of ethereum’s community, including Vitalik Buterin. Therefore, the Ethereum Foundation announced in his blog the postpone of the update scheduled to happens at january 16.

The vulnerability allows hackers to do recursive withdraws from smart contracts. Previously used in The DAO project, this attack resulted in the first big controversy of the Ethereum Foundation. Therefore, the decision to postpone the upgrade came after the confirmation that the problem haven’t a simple solution.

The Ethereum’s update

According to an article published by the Chef Analyst of Xdex, Fernando Ulrich, the roadmap of Ethereum Foundation is clear. The company still working to solve the main problems of cryptocurrency. The postponed update aims to decrease the usage of gas in some operations. The gas is a secondary currency inside the ethereum ecosystem that is used to pay for the usage of the blockchain.

The circumstances of postponement demonstrate the caution and rigor that Ethereum’s leadership has with its product. Recently former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, said he believes in the potential of this crypto. Por isso, a notícia do adiamento não impactou o mercado de forma negativa e o Ethereum segue sendo uma grande promessa no mercado crypto.