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The advertising of crypto companies is winning the lawns around the world. And it is not from any championship but from the best championship in the world today. The CoinDeal exchange during the Wolves vs. Manchester United match on April 2 was the star of the feat.

Another #crypto ad on one of the biggest scenes in today’s Premier League game between Wolves and Man Utd! 😲

How cool isn’t this? Crypto are being targeted more and more towards the masses and that’s what we need.

Mass adoption is happening step by step! 🔥$BTC $ETH #Crypto

— CryptosBatman ⚡ (@CryptosBatman) April 2, 2019

@CryptosBatman was the one who brought the hole to social networks. In fact, it implied that it was not the first game in which the publicity appeared. Your comment gives the true dimension of what the ad stands for. “How cool is that? Crypto increasingly targeted at the masses and that’s what we need. ” And complete: “Mass adoption is happening step by step.

Every Premier League game is seen by billions of soccer fans around the globe. Such an announcement certainly arouses the curiosity of who is watching. The games are currently broadcast to 200 countries and matches have an audience of 4.7 billion viewers. For this reason, it is one of the most expensive advertisements in the world.

This is not the first time that soccer and crypto have gone together. In the hype of the ICOs in 2017, soccer players and clubs, even from Brazil, have been flirting with projects. In addition, sports platforms using blockchain technology have also been a reality in this market.