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It is considered the second main blockchain, and its is usually surrounded by speculations, uncertainties and doubts. The truth is that Ethereum stands firm and stronger. However, the biggest problem of the network seems to be precisely its source of strength. Which means, its network is congested, with use above 94%.

What happens is that there are many developers building decentralized applications (DApps) in the blockchain. However, the sizing problem is temporary, because the Ethereum community has a roadmap with the solution.

When it comes to the number of developers working in an ecosystem, Ethereum has a wide advantage over other currencies. It is so dominant in this aspect that the second-placed bitcoin is far behind. This is a very important aspect, because the cryptocurrency with the largest number of developers is probably the one that has major value.

According to a recent study by Electric Capital, Ethereum now has 1,156 average monthly developers. This number is four times greater than the next largest ecosystem, which is the bitcoin. The study also noted that other blockchains have fewer than 250 developers, according to Kiril Nikolaev’s article published in the CCN.

Ethereum is the strongest in total DApps

Another reason why the use of the Ethereum network is very high is that it leads all blockchains in total DApps and active users daily.

The use of DApps has steadily increased. For such reason, it’s no wonder the network is congested. However, the prospect is that this problem will not last, because the Ethereum community is already working in search of a solution.

To do this, the Ethereum ecosystem intends to eliminate its scalability problem with a long-term sharding solution. That is to say, its blockchain will be divided into smaller segments. In doing so, there will be a significant increase in the speed of the transaction.

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According to an announcement from the Ethereum Foundation, the sharding will be released in January 2020. Therefore, we are a few months from a monumental development of this network.

As a result we can conclude: Ethereum follows strong and has the most active developers, it leads all other platforms in the number of DApps and will present the sharding.